Network Rail did not warn Kettering residents about new construction outside their house

An angry homeowner in Kettering says she was not warned about a gantry bridge that was built outside her house over the railway at the weekend.

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 9:30 am
A home owner has said Network Rail did not tell them a large signalling gantry would be built opposite their home.

The residents, who wish to remain anonymous, live in a property that backs on to the railway line to the south of Kettering station.

She said: "It just arrived at the weekend [November 16 to 17], it's a big bridge.

"They have put up this great thing without even consulting us.

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The gantry as seen from the home owner's bedroom.

"The only other place with one is along Northampton Road by the bridge which is fair enough, because it's not affecting anybody. Here, it's right behind our house."

The resident is angry that there was no warning.

She said: "The thing is, if you wanted to build something big like that in your garden, you'd need planning permission. How the hell have they got that right outside our back window without us even being told about it?"

A spokesman for Network Rail admitted their lack of communication wasn't good enough.

They said: "Firstly, we would like to apologise for the lack of communication about the construction of this signalling gantry. This was not good enough and we are looking at ways we can improve this process in the future."

The affected homeowner said: "We weren't warned about it, it's a bit cheeky to put it here when there's a park just down the road where they could have put it.

"Why on earth couldn't the planners put it there?"

The homeowner is now concerned about their privacy and the value of her house.

She said: "There's three men just up there and they can see straight into our bedroom.

"It's taller than our house.

"We really feel we should get some compensation to our house value, it's bound to go down."

She said they were not planning on selling anytime soon but added: "That's not the point, is it. We've been here 50 years, it's been our home for that long and this has spoilt it.

"We've not got a problem with the train noise."

She stressed they have no issue with the railway generally but wished they had been told about this bridge.

The owner has been in touch with Network Rail but said they had not been very helpful now or on previous occasions.

She said: "They say they will be in touch but you never hear anything.

"We know they are not going to take it down."

A Network Rail spokesman added: "Network Rail is currently investigating ways we can minimise the impact of this equipment on those living near the railway and we will contact residents directly."

The gantry is part of work to open a new track between Sharnbrook, Kettering and Corby.

There will be an information event for the public at Kettering station on Tuesday, November 26 with representatives from Network Rail to answer questions.