Meet the winner of the Northants Telegraph's Top Pet competition!

Domino came out on top after making the shortlist of 10

By Stephanie Weaver
Thursday, 10th June 2021, 5:30 am
Updated Thursday, 10th June 2021, 11:09 am

Meet your winner of the Northants Telegraph s Top Pet Competition - it's Domino the border collie!

The two-year-old pet made the final 10 and after receiving the most votes from our readers, he has been crowned our Top Pet and will receive a £50 Pets At Home voucher.

Domino's owners Rhianna Conway and Kurt Baker have had Domino since he was 10-weeks-old and were delighted to hear that he had claimed the coveted top spot.

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Rhianna Conway and Kurt Baker’s dog Domino has won the Northants Telegraph's Pet Competition

Rhianna told the Northants Telegraph: "This really meant a lot to us as we have really struggled with Domino’s behaviour.

"He would have seemingly random aggressive episodes and we switched our vets as our last ones were just not good and since we changed vets and his medication he’s been an angel - so loving and caring.

"We’ve really been on the brink of having to find another home for him just for him to completely change and turn back to this amazing dog.

"He blew up on TikTok a bit where we did a video of him before and after and it got a fair few views.

Winner Domino

"I now have an account for him where I post regularly.

"We love him dearly and we’re just happy that other people love him as well."

All that they've been through with Domino has made this win extra special for his owners.

Rhianna said: "Domino is a special dog to us because he’s been through all this trouble and come out being so loving and amazing.

Rhianna Conway and Kurt Baker’s dog Domino has won the Northants Telegraph's Pet Competition

"He’s gone from growling to sitting on your face and licking you to death.

"Trouble with him is he doesn’t realise his size, he’s just a giant lapdog sometimes which is awfully funny for a 20kg border collie compared to our 8kg Lhasa Apso Scamp.

"Scamp and Domino are inseparable and the size difference is hilarious as well."

See Domino on TikTok here

Scamp and Domino