MBE for Wellingborough man's tireless 45 years as social worker

A Wellingborough social worker has been recognised for his tireless 45 years of charitable work in communities across the world with an MBE.

Ishver Patel
Ishver Patel

Ishver Patel, who moved to Wellingborough from India aged six, was honoured for his charity work in the UK and abroad spanning almost half a century.

He received his MBE on May 9 at Buckingham Palace from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

He has supported the work of numerous charities, including Sathya Sai Organisation and Better Lives Foundation and recently set-up Human Values in Action Foundation (HViAF).

"I was nervous because it's the fear of the unknown but when I arrived I was very relaxed and very happy for my family," said 62-year-old Mr Patel.

"My mother was very happy.

"I had a brief conversation with Prince William.

"He was very supportive and mentioned two of the organisations I work for, that took me by surprise."

Mr Patel said he's waiting to celebrate his award with his nieces and nephews, once he's able to get his family together in one place.

His work has taken him all over the world where he spreads a message of "love and caring" in the community.

"My background is in social work and I've been doing charity work since 1978.

"I have worked in organisations in Africa, Russia, India, Sri Lanka and more.

"A lot of our work is community-based activities, for example, value-based education and character development."