Locals call for action at Corby accident blackspot

'It won't be long before someone is killed'

Monday, 20th December 2021, 6:18 am

Local campaigners are calling for improved safety measures on a notorious Corby roundabout following a crash involving an emergency vehicle.

Oakley Ward North Northants councillors and people living nearby believe that it won't be long until someone is killed on the roundabout that abuts Sower Leys Road, Oakley Road and Oldland Road.

Locals have raised significant concerns over the safety of the roundabout after a taxi and ambulance on its way to a emergency call reportedly collided on the roundabout two weeks ago.

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Locals say the design of the roundabout is dangerous

Ward councillor Simon Rielly said: “Residents are concerned over the number of accidents occurring. One resident I spoke to told me there are accidents on this roundabout all the time it

won’t be long before someone is killed. They said it's really hard to pull out onto the roundabout because of the speed some motorists are going."

The design of the roundabout allows motorists to drive at speed from all four entry points. Official Department for Transport accident statistics show that between 2018 and the end of 2020 there were five reported accidents at the roundabout, with five casualties. This does not include minor accidents that have not been reported to the police and there are currently no figures available for 2021.

Cllr Rielly says that driving above the speed limit is a common practise for many motorists on the roundabout.

He added: "Even a small increase in speed can result in a much higher risk of being involved in a collision or other type of accident. As such, it is essential for motorists to be aware of the speed at which they are traveling and stay within the legal limits we don’t want anyone to be killed."

Local councillors have now organised an urgent meeting with Northants highways authority to look at what can be done to provide greater protections at the roundabout. Cllr Rielly says members plan to discuss how to improve the roundabout in the long term for motorists.

He said: "We have had a positive and productive relationship with highways since being elected in May and I am confident that they will look into this swiftly and carry out a full risk assessment of the area to make the roundabout safer for motorists.

“We will continue to support the campaign by raising questions at the next full council meeting in February so they take the necessary action to preclude the potential for any more accidents incidents to occur at this junction”.