Little Irchester charity looking for home for 'Little Miss Wiggles'

A charity is appealing for help in finding a new home for this six-year-old dog.

Jess is also known as Little Miss Wiggles
Jess is also known as Little Miss Wiggles

Jess, who is affectionately known as Little Miss Wiggles, is being looked after by the volunteers at Animals In Need after a change in her family circumstances.

Annie Marriott from the charity based at Pine Tree Farm in Little Irchester said: "This little lady loves affection morning, noon and night.

"She can never get enough and she repays with endless staffie kisses.

"She will more than happily walk and play for as long as you want.

"Whether it's a game of tug, fetch which she hasn't quite understood the rules for, or simply squeaking her favourite piggy toy she's there, ready when you are.

"She does like to insist on being centre of attention and why not when you are as loving and cute as her.

"So ideally she needs to be the only dog in the home.

"She will tolerate dogs on walks as long as they are not getting in her spotlight, but is generally happier being in the company of humans."

Annie added that Jess can play a little rough so she would be best suited to a family used to boisterous, playful staffies.

Anyone interested in re-homing Jess can call the charity on 01933 278080 or pop in anytime between midday and 3pm Tuesday to Sunday.

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