Kettering's swimming club splashes out after triple funding boost

Swimmers in Kettering have benefited from an equipment upgrade after their local club secured three sets of grant funding.

By Sam Wildman
Saturday, 7th December 2019, 6:00 am
Emily Batchelor (12) preparing to dive from the new starting block
Emily Batchelor (12) preparing to dive from the new starting block

Kettering Amateur Swimming Club has tasted financial success in the past few months, firstly being awarded a grant of up to £1,500 from the Mick George Sports Award in partnership with Northamptonshire Sport to buy a new starting block.

Head coach Jac Farrow said: "The new starting block increases the number of track start blocks available to us to three.

"This is the same style of block used at major competitions and it is vital that our swimmers get used to these before events like county, regional and national championships. The new block means we can give more swimmers more opportunities to practice with a track start block before competing."

Coach Howard Farrow talking to swimmers via the Myjukes headsets

They club then received a grant for £500 from the Kettering Lions.

This was put towards the purchase of a set of Myjukes headsets that allow a coach to communicate with swimmers whilst they are training.

Coach Howard Farrow said: "The Myjukes headsets allow us to talk directly to the swimmers without having to stop them or use semaphore.

"This means they get real-time feedback and can make corrections without having to stop for instruction."

And recently the club has been awarded a grant from Swim England that will enable them to set up a "Fast Track" programme.

Junior head coach Gemma Simms said: "We often get secondary school children coming to the club after learning to swim but they don't feel comfortable training with younger swimmers.

"The Fast Track programme will allow us to train these children with those of a similar age and, given their physical development, push them through the stages towards competitive swimming much faster."

Club chairman Mike Annable said: "We are incredibly grateful to Mick George Limited, Northamptonshire Sport, Kettering Lions and Swim England for these grants.

"The funding allows us to invest in the development of existing and new members. Anyone interested in our Fast Track programme should contact our club secretary via [email protected]"