Kettering shop hosts marriage proposal - and the bride to be said YES

The couple have been together for just over a year

A bride-to-be whose romance blossomed whilst browsing in their favourite Kettering high street boutique has surprised her partner with a shop floor marriage proposal.

Ayesha Neithercut was 'lured' to the Bean Hive in Kettering High Street by her mum Kirstie and dad Ali, and her girlfriend Reannah Ennis on the pretence of some early Christmas shopping.

While Ayesha, 22, was distracted upstairs, 21-year-old Reannah, with help from the staff who were in the know, prepared a set of steps decorated with balloons.

l-r Reannah Ennis and Ayesha Neithercut

When an unsuspecting Ayesha came back down, the stage was set for Rennah to pop the big question.

Care worker Ayesha said: "I hadn't a clue what was going on. I had finished work at 3pm and my parents said let's go shopping. When we were walking through town mum and dad said let's go into the Bean Hive - I was a bit suspicious but they said let's go and look upstairs.

"Then Rennah called me down and I thought am I going to get a pie in the face? They had a pink step that they had decorated with balloons and the next thing I know she was down on one knee in the Bean Hive.

"She said 'for the last year you have made my life so much happier, will you marry me' and then she started to cry. I said yes and I just nodded."

Reannah got down on one knee to propose

Rennah proposed with a sapphire ring passed down her mother with the hoping to set a date after Christmas.

The Bean Hive owner Davina Parkhouse said: "Being nominated and winning so many awards recently has been amazing, especially after such a difficult 18 months . However someone loving your shop so much that they want to propose there is a whole other level of wonderful."

The shop presented to brides to be with some engagement gifts to mark the special occasion.

Ayesha said: "The Bean Hive is one of our safe spaces. We experienced some homophobia and then came into the shop. They were amazing and said you come in - this is a safe space."