Kettering school pupils give speeding motorists a telling off

One motorist was clocked at 39mph outside Barton Seagrave Primary School

Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 3:47 pm
Children give a thumbs-up to drivers in Lake Avenue, Kettering

Primary school pupils in Kettering have clocked drivers over the speed limit outside their school gates as part of a campaign with police.

Members of the Kettering Neighbourhood Policing Team joined forces with children and staff at three schools to raise awareness of the dangers of driving too fast on local roads.

Following a session in the classroom learning about various aspects of road safety, the youngsters were given the opportunity to join the officers at the roadside to carry out speed checks outside their schools.

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Using hand-held speed enforcement equipment, Year 6 pupils from Hall Meadow, Barton Seagrave, and Brambleside primary schools checked the speed of a total of 100 vehicles.

PC Mike Ryan of Kettering Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Vehicle anti-social behaviour and road safety are a policing priority due to concerns raised by our local communities.

“These sessions were more about education as opposed to enforcement. However, the children were very enthusiastic, if not sometimes brutal, when it came to telling off speeding drivers.

“One driver said that being a parent and being told off by the children had had a big impact, while a second said they thought being told off by the pupils was the better option - but was wrong.

“These children are at an age where the parental boundaries are starting to be lifted and next year may well be walking to secondary school independently. If we can save just one child or road user from injury or death, then these sessions have been worth our time.”

Hall Meadow pupils found no motorists exceeding the speed limit in Lake Avenue, but in Belvoir Drive, Barton Seagrave, ten drivers were caught exceeding the speed 30mph limit - two motorists received a notice of intended prosecution after being clocked driving at 37 and 39mph respectively.

Outside Brambleside Primary School two motorists were stopped by pupils and neighbourhood officers for exceeding the 30mph speed limit.

PC Ryan added: “When someone asks us if we have nothing better to do, then my answer is no, and I make no apology. We will continue to raise awareness of road safety in Kettering and enforce the speed limits where necessary.”

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