Kettering school donates safety goggles to KGH amid PPE shortage

Kettering Buccleuch Academy donated 300 pairs of goggles to KGH

Kettering Buccleuch Academy has donated science safety equipment to Kettering General Hospital.

The school donated 300 pairs of science safety goggles that would normally be worn by students conducting experiments.

Principal Dino Di Salvo and head of science, Sophie Dale, boxed up the goggles and said: "We have had a very generous and appreciative response to this donation but it is important for us to point out that a great many schools locally and nationally are doing lots of things to support the NHS."

KBA donated 300 science safety goggles to KGH

Donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) are being made to the NHS because a shortage is putting healthcare professionals at risk of contracting COVID-19 as they treat patients.

KGH responded to KBA's donation on Twitter and said: "This is such a kind gesture. These will help us in these difficult times. We really appreciate the many donation that we have received recently. Thank you very much."

The goggles would normally be worn by students in science classes by schools are currently closed.

Mr Di Salvo said: "As an academy we are continuing to educate our students remotely and also remain open to the children of key workers if this is required, including during what would normally be the Easter holidays.

"Our students, parents and staff have been amazing in their positivity during what is a very challenging time and we are working hard to maintain high levels of morale through a variety of initiatives.

"We are pleased to have been able to make a small contribution to support the NHS. We would like to thank parents and carers for their ongoing support, students for working hard and staff for going above and beyond normal expectations.”