Kettering pupils have an out-of-this-world experience

Pupils at a Kettering primary school had an astronomical day when they were visited by the Nova 2 rocket.

The 39ft high Nova 2 rocket came to the school's car park.
The 39ft high Nova 2 rocket came to the school's car park.

The 39ft high rocket - which will launch into space in May from Morecambe Bay - went to Grange Primary Academy on the last leg of a school tour before a preparation period ahead of its mission into space.

Children were visited by the team from Starchaser, an aeronautical company who are working with the University of Chester in researching the possibility of commercially-manned space flights.

Steve Bennett, who founded the company, visited and gave an assembly to the whole school and then individual workshops to classes. Children learned all about the science behind rocket-building and even made and launched their own high into the sky above the school. They also learned about life in space and tasted real astronaut food.

The rocket, which has space for one passenger, came to the school's car park and is the second rocket Starchaser has developed. They then hope to build a three-person rocket called Thunderstar which would ultimately be used for space tourism.

Grange Primary Academy teacher Chris Latimer said: "Days like this are what makes working in a school so worthwhile. Seeing the children's faces this morning as they came through the school gate was a sight that will stay with me for a long time.

"At Grange we work tirelessly to provide our children with an amazing educational experiences that they will not only remember for ever but that will also help inspire them in their work in school and their aspirations in later life."

Children at the school will be following the Nova 2 rocket's progress over the next six months via the internet and will be able to watch its launch live.