Kettering in £17m full fibre internet boost

“We think people will be blown away by the difference”

Work was due to begin this month
Work was due to begin this month

Kettering is set to benefit from a £17m full fibre internet boost with a new town-wide network.

CityFibre has named the town as the next in the UK which will receive a multi-million-pound investment in its digital infrastructure and see full fibre-enabled internet services within reach of nearly every home and business.

CityFibre say that full fibre networks, unlike many of the copper-based ‘fibre broadband’ services available today, use 100 per cent fibre optic technology to carry data at light speed from the home to the point of connection.

This gives users speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for upload and download and near limitless bandwidth.

Construction work was due to begin this month around the Northfield Avenue and Rockingham Road area in the north of the town and, as work is completed in each neighbourhood, CityFibre will designate the homes ‘ready for service’.

Project leader James Cushing said: “CityFibre’s investment will bring a step change in connectivity for Kettering. It will bring choice for residents and businesses, and align perfectly with the ambitious regeneration and growth plans for the town...we think people will be blown away by the difference it will make, both now and for generations to come. We cannot wait for residents and businesses to see what is possible with digital connectivity and the important part it will play in each of our lives.”

Cllr David Howes, North Northamptonshire Council’s executive member for rural communities and localism, said: “Getting the right digital infrastructure in place is a big priority for the council – it’s so important in so many ways. Increasing full fibre connectivity helps support economic growth and innovation as well as keeping communities connected.

“We welcome CityFibre’s multi-million-pound investment in Kettering and its wider plans for North Northamptonshire. I’m delighted that full fibre connectivity is now available to almost 30 per cent of properties in North Northants, up from less than 10 per cent two years ago. These current plans will help to boost this coverage and progress toward our targets of 40 per cent full fibre by the end of 2023 and then 80 per cent by 2028.”

The overall project is expected to reach completion by 2024.