Kettering group's free events inspire people to truly appreciate nature

The Kettering Nature Group looking for batsThe Kettering Nature Group looking for bats
The Kettering Nature Group looking for bats
Great work!

A Kettering group’s free ‘voices in nature’ creative writing nature walk inspired participants to truly appreciate their surroundings.

Kettering Nature Group held the event at Weekley Hall Wood, having previously put on a successful ‘Bats Rock!’ tour.

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Helping with the walk were spoken word artist Loz Anstey and Stevie Jones, from Stevie Jones and the Wildfires. Kettering Nature Group provided prompts that sparked discussions at various stops along the walk, but attendees were encouraged to interpret them as they pleased.

A Brambleside bat walkA Brambleside bat walk
A Brambleside bat walk

Adam Riley, founder of Kettering Nature Group, said: "While our free events usually focus on nature education, this one was special because it challenged our perception of the natural world. Stevie And Loz offered valuable insights into the creative writing process.

"Expressing thoughts through written word has a way of slowing us down, enabling us to observe and deeply connect with our surroundings. To witness Stevie's acoustic rendition of his latest song ‘Carmen’, which was inspired by his nature walks, is an unforgettable experience. And the poem that Loz crafted on the day was truly remarkable."

Kettering Nature Group regularly organises free events aimed at removing barriers to accessing nature and introducing people to its wonders in ways they may not have previously considered possible. Their recent ‘Bats Rock!’ tour involved leading bat walks in green spaces across Kettering over seven weeks, culminating in a bat walk attended by 53 people.

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Adam added: “We recognise the disparity in access to nature experienced by different individuals and are committed to creating inclusive opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to enjoy nature on an equal footing.

Participants identifying plantsParticipants identifying plants
Participants identifying plants

"Our goal is to provide experiences that allow everyone, regardless of age, gender, culture, financial circumstances, or any other barriers they may face, to appreciate the wonders and beauty of the natural world.

"Through our free events, we introduce participants to nature in unique ways that they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience, while also promoting biodiversity through biological recording.”

Co-founder Helen Wren said: “We're thrilled that our Bats Rock! events have been incredibly successful in bringing people closer to their local nature. Witnessing the sheer joy and amazement as they hear the captivating sound of bats through our bat detectors truly speaks for itself. The lasting impression it leaves is something that many won't soon forget.”

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Kettering Nature Group is currently raising funds through the Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund campaign to continue organising these invaluable nature education events free of charge.

Details of the fundraising, and future events can be found online at and on their Facebook page by searching for Kettering Nature Group.

To donate to their fundraising page visit