Kettering friends spreading men's mental health message over a pint

The two mates want to spread awareness of men's emotional wellbeing

Friday, 19th March 2021, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 19th March 2021, 12:51 pm

A pair of friends, inspired by a trip down the pub to raise awareness of men's mental health, have launched a set of fundraising beer mats following the creation of their podcast.

Skaters Bobby Nangla and Chance Litchfield had the idea for a pub-based positive message on a trip to their local, The Woolcomber in Kettering, between lockdowns.

Chatting over a pint, Chance, 21, a freelance radio presenter and producer, and Bobby, 22, a graphic and footwear designer, decided to pool their talents to create a podcast and merchandise.

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Chase Litchfield and Bobby Nangla
Chase Litchfield and Bobby Nangla

Capturing the feeling of a friendly chat between friends, Over A Pint seeks to encourage men to talk about their feelings and emotions.

Chance said: "I must admit I struggled with lockdown and I didn't realise how I felt. The suicide rate in men is too high and we want to help."

Bobby said: "As men we are expected to put on a happy face, to not show how we feel. Women are much more likely to talk about things and not bottle things up

"You can't tell what someone is thinking - they might seem to be alright but inside it might be different."

The logos show messages to spark conversations

As well as their regular podcast, the friends have produced a set of charity beer mats to raise money for The Campaign Against Living Miserably's CALMzone, a movement against suicide.

Logos on the mats have famous brands turned into phrases to start conversations in pubs - San Miguel as been changed to 'Sometimes Men Cry' and Stella Artois to 'Tell A Friend'.

The duo hope that their concept could be expanded to every aspect of pub life to the chalk for the pool table to the wording on beer bottles.

Chance said: "It's a way to spark conversations - a hidden message - to allow people especially men to talk about their feelings. It's OK to cry. I cried last summer. I had a couple of bad weeks in the summer and my family were there for me. My emotions had built up and lockdown had taken its toll. This one hasn't been so bad. I'm feeling better."

Over A Pint beer mats being sold for charity

Bobby said: "If we save even just one person from taking their life then it will be worth it."

The sale of their beer mats to friends and online has raised £125 for CALM and they hope to continue their campaign when the pubs re-open.

Chance said: "We're just two normal guys chatting and hope that people will find our podcast comforting, something to have on in the background.

"We've had great feedback from people we didn't expect. It's the quiet ones that we have got our message out to. People have said it's helped them."

To listen to Over A Pint click here for Spotify, and here for Apple Music, and find them on social media on Instagram - @overapintpodcast and Twitter - @overapint_.