Kettering church lit up with Ukrainian flag colours at test event

The church is applying for funding to install a new lighting system

Kettering's iconic church spire has been lit up in an experiment to trial special programable floodlights that could see the landmark become the centrepiece for special days and events

The 179ft (55m) tall spire, tower and clock became a spectrum of colours on Thursday night (March 17) to showcase the possible permanent flexible lighting solution.

For many years, the spire on the parish church of St Peter & St Paul has been lit at night to shine as a beacon to the surrounding town. But the lamps are beginning to show their age, requiring frequent expensive repairs, and are only capable of showing one colour - orange.

Four floodlights were used to light the spire producing different effects

Rector of St Peter & St Paul, Rev David Walsh, said: "We are thrilled with the trial and we are hoping to attract grant funding to make this lighting possible, but it is likely that we will need to draw on the generosity of the town."

The trial is a response to individuals, groups and societies in the town suggesting the spire be floodlit in different colours to celebrate special days or events.

High Wycombe based-firm Light Perception, the company behind the lighting design, have consulted on many landmarks.

Watching the half-hour demonstration was Cllr Lloyd Bunday, North Northants Council's (NNC) executive member for finance and transformation.

The 179ft (55m) spire is the town's tallest landmark

He said: "It's brilliant - I love the idea of lighting up one of the main landmarks. It's the focal point of the town.

"Kettering is doing very, very well economically and there's loads of companies coming in to the area. It shows we are a thriving town."

NNC's Cllr Maggie Don also popped down to the town centre church to watch the demonstration.

She said: "I love it. If there was the money to pay for this I would love to see it."

The spire on the parish church of St Peter & St Paul in Kettering was bathed in coloured lights

It is hoped that groups, societies or individuals might consider sponsoring either part of any proposed installation to illuminate the medieval tower and spire.

Rev Walsh added: "The church spire is Kettering's most visible landmark. It's important for us that the church continues to be at the heart of Kettering's life and we are responding to requests from local charities for our lighting of the spire to help them mark special days in the year."

The spire on the parish church of St Peter & St Paul in Kettering was flood lit green