Kettering bodybuilding entrepreneur opens Sexy Monkey cocktail lounge

Cocktail lounge Sexy Monkey has opened in Market Street, Kettering

By Alison Bagley
Friday, 14th January 2022, 7:00 am

A Kettering bodybuilding entrepreneur and social media star who lives a 'millionaire's lifestyle' says he is happy to stay close to his Northamptonshire roots after opening a new night spot.

At the start of the year Aarron 'Lambo' Lambert launched his latest ventures - a cocktail lounge and security firm to complement his existing portfolio of businesses.

His Mental Monkey brand encompasses a gym, health supplements, vodka, energy drink, a Kettering coffee shop and clothing while Mental Money hosts competitions for people to win modified super cars.

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Aarron Lambert with his sister Natalie behind the bar at Sexy Monkey

The Sexy Monkey lounge in Market Street next to his coffee shop has seen the opening of the night spot which serves Mental Vodka and a special 'K-Town' cocktail, invented by mixologists for the venue.

Mr Lambert, 36, said: "I see an opportunity. People always say you know know what you are prepared to learn. I learn about everything and I keep everything in house."

Instead of buying in security services Mr Lambert has launched Mental Security who are on duty at the new venue to keep customers safe.

The security personnel have been issued with the latest ballistic vests - stab and bullet proof - and the company now supplies services at home and abroad.

Launch night at the cocktail lounge

He said: "Our very own security company provides door security and close protection bodyguards in and around the UK and Spain including London, Valencia, Madrid and Marbella."

Sexy Monkey had a specially commissioned graffiti artist decorate each area of the venue with movie characters, a selfie wall, a 'gentlemen's lounge' and an outdoor area complete with heaters and a shisha lounge.

In the complex is a tribute to Tina - Mr Lambert's 'mum' who died in 2020 - a huge mural that pays tribute to her.

He said: "Tina was known as the Mental Mum who passed suddenly last year. She brought everyone together and was literally the foundation of the brand. She was our mother figure."

Mental Security provide the door personnel for the new bar, that can also be hired for private functions

Mr Lambert had been in care and moved to Kettering to be looked after by his grandmother in 2003.

He said: "I got put into care then I was kicked out of school. I haven't got a GCSE to my name. I've been in care and spent time in prison.

"I have also got members of my team to better themselves. They are encouraged to get qualifications - numeracy courses, HGV licences and mixology."

Co-owning the Mental brand is sister Natalie, 38, dubbed 'Mental Sister'.

Aarron with the mural tribute to Tina 'Mental Mum'

She said: "He's the face and the brains. He comes up with the ideas."

Mr Lambert's bodybuilding exploits attracted a social media following that started to grow more and more. His fanbase expanded as he posted more personal videos about his life and the world around him.

Seen as a controversial character on social media, he has covered topics many inviting people to think about their actions and what they do on a global scale.

Mr Lambert's Aarron Lambo Facebook page has more than 1,000,000 followers with 159,000 fans following him on Instagram and more than 12,490,000 video views.

He said: "We get people from all over the world to come and find me. I get about 10,000 messages a day so we have a team to deal with it all.

"We want to keep it (the business) in the Kettering area because this is where our family is and our staff.

The K-Town cocktail

"We're lucky enough to have a millionaire's lifestyle. Our accountant has valued the supplement business at £31m."

He said that last year he made £2,800,000 and now employs 32 people in his Kettering businesses.

He puts his success down to being a ground-breaker.

The father-of-two said: "I think it is because I was the first to do it. I'm good at business."

A film made about Mr Lambert's life has already been made and the rights sold to Sony, available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Apple TV and Google Play

He said: "It’s a story on me getting raised by my grandmother, getting stabbed in the head in prison and turning my life around and building a successful business whilst inspiring others. Two months ago Sony extended the contract. They made a movie, now we will have a documentary. They are following us around for eight months.

"I have had my past. I have shown that you can f*** up and still succeed."

The bar and coffee shop in Market Street Kettering - they offer free hot chocolates for children who come in with parents or carers, and free coffees for on-duty police officers, paramedics, firefighters and street pastors.
Aarron with his cruiser
A film has been made about his life
Aarron with his gran