Kettering artist turns author to share baby loss experience

Two Worlds One Mother explores baby loss

Monday, 20th June 2022, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 20th June 2022, 10:11 pm

A Kettering mum has written a book to share her experience of baby loss and help others who have also gone through the same trauma.

Kate Baker-Loveday’s twin daughters Violet and Daisy tragically died in 2003 during her second pregnancy, and says their loss was ‘beyond devastating’ having a lasting effect.

To help her ‘channel her feelings’ she turned to making jewellery naming her business after her much-missed daughters – Violet Daisy Chain.

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Kate Baker-Loveday's book Two Worlds One Mother is available on Amazon

After health issues began to impact her life, she started a journal that led to her setting up an online support group to help others, and now a book.

She said: “I finally achieved something I was not sure I could, I completed and published my first book – Two Worlds One Mother.

"I have been considerably blessed to have four girls though sadly, in 2003, during my second pregnancy, I lost my twin girls. Losing Violet and Daisy was beyond devastating.

“After their loss, I turned to making jewellery as a way to channel my feelings. Then, in 2011, I found myself confronted with disabling changes in health which would significantly impact my life forever.

“No longer able to do the things I once could, I began to journal my feelings which I believe acted as a form of therapy, again, finding a way to channel my emotions.”

The book is a realistic fiction-based short story written in a poetic style.

Kate, 48, said: “It took some time to accept my circumstances, despite all of the uncertainty, and that I was, ‘still here’.

“In early 2019 the need to connect with the world beyond my four walls was becoming more than apparent. I was more than aware of all that I couldn’t do, so decided I might be able to help others by sharing some of my experiences.

”Quite nervously, I set up a Facebook page, Violet Daisy Chain – All Pregnancy and Baby Loss Counts. At the very least I would be helping to raise awareness.

“I also joined bereavement support groups, such as Twins Trust and Tommy’s, and where I felt I could maybe help other members. I soon and quite unexpectedly realised they too were helping me.”

Kate has donated copies of her book to the Twinkling Stars Appeal at KGH for the bereavement suite and Kettering Library. Some proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Twins Trust charity.

She said: "Baby loss is still very much a shadowy topic and my hope, now, with the help of others, is that Two Worlds One Mother can shine a little light by acknowledging the importance of each and every pregnancy - all pregnancy and baby loss counts – and help raise awareness not only of the individual support needed but of the silent grief and loneliness encountered by so many.

”Sadly, so many who have lost feel they cannot speak about their experience, or that there is little understanding, even from those who are close.

"This has been such a symbolic journey for me on many levels, one which I really would not have been able to have achieved without the help and support of so many wonderful people.”

Two Worlds One Mother is available from Amazon priced £14.99.