It's not true! Corby hits back after being named UK's least satisfied place

The people are Corby are the least satisfied in the UK according to official statistics - but the figures have been questioned by people who live here.

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 3:36 pm
Corby has ranked as the unhappiest place in the UK

In data released by the Office for National Statistics today (Wednesday), Corby scored the lowest out of all 389 local authorities when they were asked 'how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?'.

The average score was 7.2 out of 10 - down from 8.07 the year before.

Corby residents were shocked at the last-place ranking for satisfaction and others called the survey a waste of time.

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Cllr Mark Pengelly (Labour) said: "Well it's not true, is it?

"As well as being a councillor, I also run Corby Highland Gathering and what I see is people that are really, really happy to live in the town.

"My own experience is it's a happy town, it's a town that works together."

Cllr Pengelly cited the recent efforts seen in DIY SOS's transformation of a Corby family's home.

Jackie Hutchison, whose home was renovated by volunteers from Corby for the BBC show DIY SOS, said: "That's very sad, that's extremely sad due to the fact the last couple of weeks the town has been buzzing, everyone has come together and the atmosphere has been amazing.

"I am sad to hear that."

Jackie said she thought the result might be because of Brexit but said: "Sometimes life experience gets in the way, it's not Corby's fault.

"If I am having a bad time, then I am having a bad time. The last 12 months of our life have been horrific, but now we had this amazing help, we are loving life.

"Maybe it's pressure and work and pressure that life brings."

Jackie said she would rate her happiness in Corby at the moment as a 10.

Chuck Middleton, who appears on Corby Radio and BBC Northampton, said: "I am shocked. Obviously it depends what the question was and what makes people happy."

Chuck also said there had been one big talking point around the town and he suspected it might be the reason for the drop in Corby's happiness score.

He said: "You have got people in Corby in the town thinking Brexit is terrible but people in the villages are thinking 'lets get out of Europe'.

"If anything, the whole Brexit issue is the one thing that will make Corby a miserable place, but otherwise I think it's a happy place."

Terri Meechan, who helps run Corby Carnival, said: "It amazes me why people do these things.

"Corby is a very happy place. People will always be unhappy or not like what's going on with their life at the moment."

She added: "I am sure there are more worthwhile things to spend money on than silly surveys."

On the possibility of Brexit being the reason for Corby's score dropping this year, Terri said: "I think people are just fed up with it rather than unhappy with it."

* Editor's note: This article has been amended. It originally said Corby scored lowest for happiness. It actually scored lowest for satisfaction. It was in the bottom 40 for happiness. The respondents were asked about happiness levels in Corby.