'It's like a slalom on Occupation Road' - Residents of Corby's oldest estate appeal for crumbling roads to be repaired

Roads on the Lloyds estate are in a state

Monday, 1st March 2021, 9:55 am
Cllr Mark Pengelly is leading the voices who are fed-up with the state of the roads on the Lloyds estate. Picture: JPI Media / APSE

People living in Corby s historic Lloyds estate have spoken of their despair of the state of their roads.

Potholes, crumbling tarmac and sunken drain covers are all making life a misery for people living on the estate that was built to house some of the first steelworkers in Corby in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Many of the speed-humps installed to slow down motorists have begun to lift and disintegrate and previous repairs to the surface surrounding the road drains has also begun to collapse. Road markings have all-but disappeared.

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The state of Studfall Avenue in Corby. Picture: JPI Media.

Locals say cycling along streets like Occupation Road, Studfall Avenue and Tansfield Grove, as well as their branches, has become impossible to the the danger of hitting a pothole. People using the town's new e-scooters have also reported the same isses to our reporters.

Northamptonshire County Council, as the highways authority, is responsible for road maintenance in the area and dozens of reports have already been made on the Fix My Street web page.

But it's now ten years since this newspaper asked if Studfall Avenue was the most potholed road in Northamptonshire - and it is now in a worse state than it was then.

Cllr Mark Pengelly, ward councillor for the Lloyds ward said: "It's like a slalom on Occupation Road. It's incredibly dangerous. If you hit one of those potholes on a bike you could get really seriously hurt.

Many road drains on Occupation Road look like this. Picture: JPI Media.

"Some of the potholes have been patched but the work has been of a poor quality and they're all starting to break up again.

"There's some more minor work scheduled but it's not enough. Occupation Road and many of the other roads on the estate need to be completely resurfaced.

"Why should Corby always be the poor relation when it comes to our roads?"

Northamptonshire County Council did not respond to two requests for comment from this newspaper.

One of the crumbling speed humps on Occupation Road. Picture: JPI Media.
Some of the reports to the Fix My Street web page that have been made recently. Picture: JPI Media.