Arthur and Merlin are looking to be re-homed

IN PICTURES: Little Irchester charity trying to re-home unwanted guinea pigs

Animals In Need currently has 14 of them in its care

By Stephanie Weaver
Friday, 26th March 2021, 6:45 am

Could you give a guinea pig a home?

Animals In Need in Little Irchester has 14 of the 'lovable little animals' in its care and is hoping to find forever homes for as many of them as possible.

Speaking to the Northants Telegraph during Guinea Pig Awareness Week, Annie Marriott from the charity said: "These lovable little animals are so easy to look after, and yet we currently have 14 in our care as they were no longer wanted by their families.

"They are herd animals and so need other guinea pig companions - females can live happily in large groups, or bonded with a castrated male, or two related castrated males can live together but entire males are not a good match as they will fight."

Annie said they have a simple diet of 80 per cent hay, 10 per cent fresh vegetables, five per cent good quality pellets and five per cent treats and forage.

They should have access to fresh water at all times and provided they get a balanced diet, they rarely develop health problems.

They keep themselves clean and tidy, just needing regular nail trimming and their teeth checking, and the longer-haired breeds needing brushing daily.

They need a large cage in a dry, draught-free area, ideally in the house, as they do not fare well in cold environments, and on warmer days they love having access to a nice lawn where they can munch on the grass.

Guinea Pigs need a quiet environment to live in, but they enjoy human interaction and gentle handling.

Annie would love to hear from anyone interested in re-homing a guinea pig, and added: "We are looking for forever homes for the guinea pigs in our care.

"All the males will be castrated prior to re-homing, and adoptions are subject to a successful home check and donation.

"These cute characters really are hard to resist and don't ask for much more than full bellies, a comfy bed and an area to play in with their friends, and of course a kind, loving family."

For further information about the charity based at Pine Tree Farm in Little Irchester, click here.

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