Horse put down and another found dead near Wellingborough's Embankment

One of the horses was found during Storm Ciara but it was too late to help

Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 9:54 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 3:50 pm

Two horses have died in fields near to Wellingborough's Embankment.

An emergency vet was called to help a mare found by members of the public on Sunday night, but despite their efforts, the decision was taken to put the animal down.

Another mare was found dead in a field off Irthlingborough Road on Saturday.

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One of the horses found on land near Wellingborough's Embankment

Eve Williams recently started a petition calling for action to help the horses and it has now been signed by more than 6,500 people.

She was among those who tried to help the horse who had to be put down and said: "She was so exhausted that every time she tried to stand up, and even with help from us, she could not find the strength to move her back legs.

"We called the RSPCA immediately and someone was sent out, and after two hours of waiting in Storm Ciara, they arrived and called a emergency vet within minutes.

"According to them it looked as if she had been here for a while.

One of the horses found near Wellingborough's Embankment

"Unfortunately this mare, who we named Hope, didn't make it and had to be put to sleep."

The two deaths have led to the RSPCA saying they share the frustration of those concerned about these animals' welfare, but admit they need help in tracing the owners.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “We were called by the police to the area to fields further down from the Embankment following reports that a mare was in poor health.

“We went to the scene with an emergency vet who examined the horse but decided she was very poorly and the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

“We are aware another dead mare was found in the area on Saturday.

"It must have been terribly distressing to those who came across both of these incidents but they did the right thing by reporting the matter.

“We understand and share the frustration of animal lovers about ongoing problem with horses in this area, which is made difficult to tackle when we cannot link individual horses with owners.

“We would like to trace the owner of the horses and would urge anyone with information about who is responsible for them to contact the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 1238018.”

The deaths come shortly after a pony was found neck-high in flood water in fields off Irthlingborough Road.