Historic Wellingborough railway landmark one stop further down the line to being saved

The former train roundhouse sits on land now owned by Vistry Group (formerly Bovis Homes) on the Stanton Cross development
The Wellingborough Roundhouse in Roundhouse WayThe Wellingborough Roundhouse in Roundhouse Way
The Wellingborough Roundhouse in Roundhouse Way

The Wellingborough Roundhouse, a notable railway landmark, has come a step closer to being saved from unauthorised demolition after councillors voted to list it locally.

In January, Wellingborough Civic Society members highlighted the fate of the large red-brick Wellingborough Roundhouse, fearing that the building might be knocked down.

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Last night, Wellingborough council Development Meeting committee members voted unanimously to locally list the roundhouse meaning that planning permission would have to be sought to demolish the building.

Totectors used the building as a warehouseTotectors used the building as a warehouse
Totectors used the building as a warehouse

Bob Townson, Wellingborough Civic Society committee member and campaigner, said: "I feel a lot better now I know that the council have taken it on board.

"I'm happier now they can't pull it down but I think that Bovis [the developer Vistry Group] was a bit annoyed. I think they were going to pull it down.

"A couple of councillors have suggested ideas for the roundhouse to make it into a conference centre or maybe convert it into flats."

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The roundhouse sits on land own which is part of the Stanton Cross development and can be found on the newly opened Roundhouse Way - the Finedon Road to Midland Road.

Before voting Cllr Lorna Lawman said she was 'nervous' about what the owners of the building might want to do with it and was sure they had plans for it.

She said: "I think time is of the essence."

Her comments were echoed by many other committee members.

Cllr Jonathan Ekins said much of the buildings that related to the iron ore and shoe history of the town had been knocked down in the past.

He said: "We have thrown all of that history away. That has gone and we will never get it back. Just because it is not a pretty building does not mean that it is less important.

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"We should not even be considering not listing this building. We should just go ahead and do it and preserve some of the history that we have left."

In 2011, attempts were made to get the 60sq m shed listed but the then Secretary of State decided not to list the building under advice from Historic England.

The report said: "The Roundhouse, Mill Road, Wellingborough, also known as the Old Wellingborough Motive Power Station (15A), is too altered to meet the criteria and should not be listed.

"It belongs to the later phases of railway development and, although the Wellingborough roundhouse of 1872-73 retains its plan and external elevations, there have been substantial alterations and all of the internal fittings and equipment have been removed.

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"Unfortunately, The Roundhouse known as No. 2 Locomotive Shed, Mill Road, Wellingborough does not have the special architectural and historic interest to merit listing in a national context."

Despite not meeting listed building status, the local listing protects a building as it requires developers to apply to Wellingborough council before development or demolition.

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