Heavy rain leaves parts of Kettering flooded

The area has been hit by a huge thunderstorm tonight

Parts of Kettering and the surrounding area were left flooded tonight (Tuesday) after a thunderstorm with torrential rain.

Pictures show part of Highfield Road under water after the downpour with 40 minutes of thunder and lightning as it hammered it down.

Residents in Burton Latimer also reported part of Queensway being impassable because of flood water, but it's now cleared.

Highfield Road tonight. Credit: Lorna Tilley

Elsewhere in Kettering residents have reported flooding near in Barton Road near the Windmill Avenue junction and near Wicksteed Park as motorists drive towards Barton Seagrave.

Others have reported deep water under the Northampton Road railway bridge.

A video by Paige Tilley shows the view of the thunderstorm in Balfour Street.

Highfield Road tonight. Credit: Lorna Tilley