Gretton Sports and Social Club members meet tonight to solve financial crisis

The bar of the Sports and Social ClubThe bar of the Sports and Social Club
The bar of the Sports and Social Club
Committee members have been shoring up the club's finances to keep the facility open

Gretton residents are being urged to financially support the village's sports and social club or it could be at risk of closure.

The facility, which is leased from Gretton parish council, has been kept afloat on a 'hand-to-mouth' basis and with loans from four committee members.

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Members and interested parties have been invited to come up with ways of helping the club and bring them to the annual general meeting tonight at 7.30pm.

Gretton Sports and Social ClubGretton Sports and Social Club
Gretton Sports and Social Club

Pat Butler, committee member said: "We've been living hand-to-mouth for quite a while now. Some of the committee have been putting their hands in their pockets to keep it open.

"It's a bit sad really. There are lots of people who use the place who haven't paid up. We have 50 paid members but we have been struggling.

"Some people come up and they don't pay and think it's quite clever."

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Gretton Sports and Social Club membership is currently £5 per person per year with a £10 fee for family membership.

Mr Butler would like to introduce a ten-year membership scheme paid for with a direct debit to introduce some long-term financial stability.

At present the club employs a salaried bar steward and two bar staff.

He said: "It's a great facility especially in the summer months. People come up and have a drink on the terrace whilst their children play on the field.

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"Last night we had two people come in. We can't carry on like that.

"There are a lot of people who have said that they are coming tonight with ideas and some people who can't attend have already offered their help.

"I'm hoping that it doesn't come to the club closing."

A message on the club's Facebook page said: "In the past year our club has experienced extremely turbulent trading conditions.

"During this time it has been kept solvent by the hard work of our staff and substantial personal financial contributions by our committee members.

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"As such the main topic of discussion at the AGM will be formulating a survival plan for our club.

"As patrons and members we urge you to attend this most important AGM since our formation in 1979.

"As a committee we feel this not only affects the club and our members but has a wider impact on the village community at large."

The annual general meeting takes place tonight at 7.30pm in the club at the playing fields off Kirby Road.

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