Former Corby woman took knife round to her ex's house and attacked him and his new girlfriend

'I'll batter your girlfriend, I'll kill her and her family'

By Kate Cronin
Saturday, 31st July 2021, 5:44 am
Jasmine McNamee. Image: Facebook
Jasmine McNamee. Image: Facebook

A woman told her former boyfriend that she was going to kill his new girlfriend and then went around to his house with a kitchen knife set on attacking the pair of them.

During the incident she lunged toward him with an kitchen knife and he received cuts to his hands.

Northampton Crown Court heard on Thursday (July 29) that Jasmine McNamee, formerly of Corby and now of Priory Road, Wellingborough, had formerly been in a relationship with the victim but the pair split acrimoniously and on June 3 last year, Mcnamee sent a text message to him.

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It read: "I'll batter your girlfriend, I'll kill her and her family."

She then went round to his house on Corby's Lodge Park estate with her brother.

Prosecuting barrister Jonathan Ely said: "She arguing with the victim and shouting at him, calling him a paedo."

He opened the door and told her to go away but McNamee, 23, produced a kitchen knife from the waistband of her jeans.

Mr Ely added: "She lunged towards his neck. He grabbed hold of her wrists and grabbed the knife off her and bent the blade to a 45 degree angle to make it unusable. He sustained minor injuries to his hand.

"She then turned upon his girlfriend, grabbing her hair and punching her."

The defendant then left the scene, shouting 'I'll get you later.'

In police interview, McNamee denied bringing the knife to the scene, instead blaming the female victim for bringing it. She also accused the woman of starting the fight and said she had only acted in self defence.

She pleaded guilty on the day a trial was due to take place to malicious communications, possession of a kitchen knife and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

At an earlier hearing she had also admitted a separate case of stealing a black Audi and driving without a licence and insurance while drunk. She was given a community order for those offences.

In mitigation, barrister Liam Muir said that his client had had an incredibly difficult childhood and had fallen pregnant at just 15, bringing up her child alone. She was now in a stable relationship, her child was thriving, and was doing well to complete the community order she had previously been given.

"Her engagement with the probation service is good," he said.

Her Honour Judge Adrienne Lucking said: "People who go round to other people's houses with a kitchen knife and then attack other people because of their own inability to control their emotional responses to a situation go straight to prison.

"I've come very, very close to sending you to prison today.

"I've read the pre-sentence report about what I can describe as your truly dreadful experiences as a child.

"But you're bringing up your own child and doing it very well."

McNamee was given 16 months in jail, suspended for two years and 30 rehabilitation requirement activity days.

"If you commit any offence in the next two years your will be back here and I will send you to prison, child or no child, do you understand?"

The court also imposed a five year restraining order banning her from contacting the victims in any way.

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