For the majority of pupils home school is the new normal: Here's one Barton Seagrave family's experience

Instead of the school run and daily commute, Kelly and her children have been busy at home

With UK schools closed to all but a handful of pupils, parents and children across the country have been getting used to living under the new strict coronavrius lockdown rules.

Design Technology teacher Kelly Herbert has been home-schooling her children, Kyana and Rocco, since the end of last week.

Her husband Matt is a key worker in the construction industry and so it has been Kelly, 31, who has been left doing the teaching.


She said: "It's been really, really lovely to spend some time with my own kids. We work really well with a routine. I live and breathe teaching but I don't really have a clue when it comes to primary so it's been interesting.

"Each day has been regimented. After breakfast they make their own beds and then do the Joe Wicks' workout. At 10am we start lessons and work through to 4.30pm.

"I have a school bell that I got from You Tube that I ring for the start of school. Their school has sent us work to do online and we also improvise. For our mental health we've talked alot about the news because you can't avoid it."

Kelly has been teaching daughter ten-year-old Kyana and son Rocco, 5, who usually attend Millbrook Junior and Infant School, with daily maths, English and phonics sessions.

Home-school Kelly Herbert

They have also been taking part in an assembly and a music performance as well as arts and crafts, done chores around the house and been learning British Sign Language.

Year 5 pupil Kyana said: "My favourite lesson is English. We do times tables and play games and I help teach my brother."

Rocco added: "Mummy is a good teacher. I have loved everything."

Kelly says that one positive thing to come out of home-schooling is that they have been spending far less time on their phones and more time together.

Rocco and Kyana

She added: "It's a blessing in disguise. When they are older they will remember the coronavirus outbreak and hopefully they will remember that their mummy spent that time with them."

Learning British Sign Language
Helping with the chores