False records and risk of contamination: Kettering takeaway's one-star food safety

Environmental health inspectors found major improvement was needed

By Sam Wildman
Friday, 22nd July 2022, 6:00 am

A takeaway in Kettering falsified records and exposed food to a clear risk of contamination from dead insects, hygiene inspectors found.

King’s Chinese Takeaway in Rockingham Road was given just one star out of five after a visit in late April and was told major improvement was needed.

In a report, recently released to the Northants Telegraph, an environmental health officer found evidence that basic food safety measures were not being met.

King's Chinese Takeaway

The takeaway’s owner declined to comment.

The North Northamptonshire Council inspection report found there there weren’t any towels at the hand-wash basins in the takeaway’s food preparation area or in the lobby next to the toilet. Water from the hot water tap at the food preparation sink was so hot – measured at 70C – that it was likely to discourage staff from washing their hands.

Some chest freezers had bulb thermometers which were difficult to read, if not impossible, making it hard for staff to check the temperatures at which they were operating.

The inspector said that, after checking temperature records, it was clear some had been falsified.

Their report said: “The staff showed me some records of fridge and freezer temperature checks, but none had been written down for the month of April.

"I discussed the records with your staff, and it was clear that some of them had been falsified.”

The inspector said the ultra-violet element of the electric fly killer (EFK) in the kitchen was covered in dead insects, with the catch-tray full of them.

And they said its position left food and utensils open to a ‘clear risk’ of contamination.

The report said: "The EFK is located near to a food preparation area next to the back door and a gust of wind could easily have blown dead insects from the EFK into nearby utensils or food, thereby exposing it to a clear risk of contamination.”

The inspector added there were accumulations of grease and food debris on the floor underneath several items of equipment in the kitchen.

The takeaway’s hygienic food handling was rated as ‘good’, with its management of food safety graded as ‘major improvement necessary’.