Dead horse still in Wellingborough field more than a week later

Campaigners are warning people not to go and see the carcass

By Phoebe Radford
Thursday, 20th February 2020, 6:00 am

A dead horse that has been lying in a field by Wellingborough Embankment for more than a week is beginning to decompose and be eaten.

A group concerned for the health of horses in the fields along has warned people not to go and see the dead mare that has been in the field for more than a week.

'Help for Wellingborough Horses' was set up on Facebook last week following the death of two horses in the fields.

A dead horse has been left in a Wellingborough field for more than a week

One horse was found dead and another was put down by a vet.

Writing on their page on Tuesday, February 16, the campaigners said: "After the weather died down, we decided to take a trip up to see the horses, how they were coping and whether or not the deceased horse was still there.

"Of course, she IS still there.

"It has now been eight days since this mare was first found. She has been eaten by animals and is still laying in her own faeces."

The fields have become partially flooded due to rainfall from Storms Ciara and Dennis and there has been increasing concern for the horses ever since.

The campaigners are warning people not to go and see the mare's carcass.

Help for Wellingborough Horses said: "We DO NOT recommend under any circumstances seeing this horse.

"We have decided to keep her location private as since she's been eaten, and its been eight days, the scenes are incredibly horrifying and she's beginning to smell."

The group also said: "We do NOT recommend visiting the horses if you are easily distressed.

"You never know what you will be met with."

Some of the horses have now been moved, but Help for Wellingborough Horses said: "We want to remind everyone that just because the horses have been removed from London Road doesn't mean our mission is complete.

"There are still multiple herds in desperate need of help."

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "We’d like to thank animal lovers who continually monitor and raise concerns about horses being kept in this area around Wellingborough and would like to assure them work is taking place with other equine charities to safeguard their welfare."