Crematorium between Corby and Gretton set for go-ahead despite objections from local community

The new crematorium is planned for a greenfield site just outside of the village

Monday, 15th March 2021, 7:01 am
The plan is being put forward by Dignity Funerals.

A crematorium on farmland near Gretton has been recommended for approval by planning officers despite a raft of objections from local people.

The proposal, by Dignity Funerals, is for a crematorium, 120-seat chapel, memorial gardens and a linear pool on farmland in Corby Road, Gretton, not far from the former Rockingham Speedway.

The company, which already runs 46 similar sites across the country, says that there is an established local need to a crematorium as local people currently have to travel to Kettering.

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The crematorium would be surrounded by memorial gardens.

A proposal for a crematorium on the Shire Lodge Cemetery site by Corby Council was dismissed in the early stages as it was not considered there was enough space.

But 36 objections have been submitted by people in Gretton who say that the site is an unsuitable location.

One woman who has lived in the village for 86 years contacted our reporter. She said: "I'm not in agreement with it. I think the roads will not cope with the traffic. It's not the right place for it."

Gretton Parish Council have submitted their own objection with concerns raised over existing flooding issues in Corby Road. They also say the site is unsustainable and is not in line with national or local strategic planning policies. Parish councillors are also concerned about the impact on the village of the increase in traffic from Rutland to and from the site.

The site would have a linear waterway running from the chapel to the memorial gardens.

Other local people are concerned about the impact on the environment, on the open countryside and on the Gretton conservation area.

One said: "We already have large vehicles passing through Gretton that are forced to mount the pavements, in particular next to a primary school. We note that the council are doing nothing about this issue until we have a major accident.

"In general the roads in this area are poorly maintained and too narrow for modern traffic.

"A crematorium should be built where there is already a main road infrastructure, not narrow country lanes, and where there is public transport system which we are constantly being requested to use by the Government and council."

The site is bounded by woodland and open countryside.

The application is recommended for approval by Corby Council planning officers and will go before development control members on Tuesday (March 16) evening. The meeting will be available to view live online here.