Council chief given ticket at his own authority's Kettering car park

He had parked yards from the council’s base

Cllr Jason Smithers says he will pay the fine.
Cllr Jason Smithers says he will pay the fine.

A council leader was given a ticket by one of his own authority's wardens after a Kettering parking blunder.

Cllr Jason Smithers, who leads North Northamptonshire Council, returned to his vehicle on Wednesday (April 20) to find a yellow penalty charge notice on his windscreen.

He had parked in a car park near the Municipal Offices, where he has a parking permit for his visits to the council base just yards away.

But he had not updated the registration on his permit after getting a new vehicle - so a parking warden put a ticket on his car.

The Conservative councillor said it was not embarrassing to be given a ticket in one of his own authority's car parks.

He confirmed he would now pay the penalty charge.

He said: "I did not update it (the permit) to my new car a while ago and I should have done that so the fine is fair."