Corby's first ever black deputy mayor says coming here was 'the best move he made'

Cllr Tafadwa ChikotoCllr Tafadwa Chikoto
Cllr Tafadwa Chikoto
Cllr Chikoto is one of huge number who have moved to Corby from London

Corby Town Council has elected the town's first ever black deputy mayor.

Councillor Tafadwa Chikoto was formally given the role at Monday's meeting at the Corby Cube.

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The deputy role means that he is also Mayor elect for May 2022.

Cllr Chikoto, known to many as Taffy, said: "It means a lot for me and my family being elected as the first ever black deputy mayor in Corby Town as it is also for all of the people in the BAME community.

"This is truly a great example of how diverse and progressive Corby is and hope that this will bring unity and further integration within our community.

"I have lived in Corby, for more than 15 years and now have teenage sons who have grown up in this community.

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"Moving from London to take advantage of the new developments and housing that was targeted for professionals living in London was the best move I made as Corby was and continues to be a thriving and welcoming town which made me feel right at home.

"Corby has an inclusive community that embraces people from all races and ethnicities which makes it a great place to live and work.

"As deputy mayor, I would like to ensure that we continue to have unity, oneness, being welcoming and inclusive to everyone regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and religion.

"Finally I hope to find innovative ways to keep improving Corby's environment, helping businesses to thrive and giving young people more opportunities. I look forward to supporting the present mayor Cllr Ferguson and working with the many community groups and other organisations in this great town."

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Town Council leader Cllr Matt Keane said: "I am really pleased that Cllr Chikoto was elected deputy mayor for Corby. We are a town built from so many nationalities and communities.Taffy is already known to many people in the town and will be a great deputy mayor and a great mayor in 2022 Pole Fair year."

Any organisation that would like the mayor or deputy to visit their event can email [email protected]

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