Corby theory test centre to move to Rushden

The new test centre is to open on September 6

Monday, 16th August 2021, 2:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 11:16 am

Corby' s test centre for driving theory tests is set to close at the start of next month leaving learner drivers in the area to trek miles to an alternative venue.

The locations of many of the UK's test centres is to change and the number of test centres being increased from 180 to 202, with North Northamptonshire's centre being relocated.

The new test centre is to be opened in Rushden on September 6 at Park Road Baptist Church in Park Road, with Corby's, based in Bangrave Road, shutting its doors on Friday, September 3 .

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Learner driver file picture

Now Corby learners will face a drive of about 22 miles or a round trip by car of at least 52 miles to Northampton's test centre, the same as travelling to Peterborough or Leicester - the latter however does have a direct rail link.

A spokesman for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) said: "The theory test centre in Corby, an official test centre, will be closing on Friday, September 3 2021.

"The nearest test centres will then be Rushden and Northampton.

"Because the new contract to run the theory test service has been awarded to more than one company, the location of many theory test centres will change from September 6.

"The number of theory test centres in Great Britain will increase from 180 to 202. The increased number of theory test centres will result in a more even distribution of test centre locations and will make theory tests more accessible to those in remote areas of the country. For the new locations candidates should not have travel more than 40 miles (rural) or 40 minutes (urban) to get to a theory test centre unless they choose to travel further.

"In creating a more even distribution, the location of many theory test centres will change and some places that currently have a theory test centre will no longer do so from September 6."

The Corby theory test centres was first activated in June 2016.