Corby taxi drivers ask for public's support at town centre event tomorrow

Cab drivers say proposed fare hikes are unfair

Friday, 10th June 2022, 2:07 pm
Updated Friday, 10th June 2022, 2:07 pm
Corby taxi drivers are getting ready to take strike action
Corby taxi drivers are getting ready to take strike action

Corby Hackney Owners’ Association are to step up their campaign tomorrow (Saturday,June 11) to scrap proposed new fare hikes.

Cabbies in the town have previously pledged to blockade George Street after a council committee voted to push ahead with proposals that could see fares doubled for some journeys.

The plans are designed to help harmonise fares across the new North Northants unitary area after the former four boroughs were merged.

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Taxi drivers met at the end of May to vote on the next steps to be taken

They met at the end of May to decide on what action to take next.

Tomorrow they will be in Corby town centre asking locals to sign their petition against the changes, which are set to be ratified by the council’s executive at a meeting at the Corby Cube on Thursday.

Deputy Leader of Corby Town Council Martyn Reuby said “We have met with the trade on two occasions and spoken to many members of the public who are angered by this new policy.

"We are holding a special full town council meeting in a few weeks and will be asking North Northants officers and councillors to attend and explain their reasoning behind this decision. We want to make them aware of the social and economic problems it will cause to the people of the town.”

CHOA secretary Neil Rielly said that the taxi drivers feel let down by NNC, adding: “The whole of the Corby Hackney community has come together. A campaign group has been organised with members from Sky Cabs offering their full support.

"Associations from Wellingborough and Hackney Operators from East Northants have been in contact, showing that the trade is united. We look forward to standing with Unite Union on Saturday in opposing this unjust fare hike to our customers at this cost of living crisis.”CHOA members say they have emailed NNC leader Jason Smithers and licensing committee chair Cllr Jonathan Elkins to invite them to a meeting to discuss the proposed changes, but have not yet had a reply. MP Tom Pursglove has also been asked to join the drivers in Corby town centre tomorrow.

The petition against the fare hikes has nearly 1,300 signatures. You can sign it here.