Corby Rugby Club members appeal for community's help after Storm Ciara damage blow

The club's players' lounge and changing rooms have been flooded by storm water

Monday, 10th February 2020, 11:54 am
Updated Monday, 10th February 2020, 12:11 pm

Members of Corby Rugby Club have appealed to the public for help to rebuild the club's bar and changing rooms after Storm Ciara devastated the facility in the early hours of this morning (Monday, February 10).

Members had been alerted by passing members of the public in Rockingham Road who had seen roof felt being peeled off the clubhouse by gale force winds yesterday.

The storm's accompanying torrential rain then soaked through the wooden roof and plasterboard which collapsed into the upstairs players' lounge, and in turn flooded the ground floor changing rooms.

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The player's lounge ceiling collapsed under the weight of wate

Martin Drummond, treasurer of Corby Town Rugby Club, who also plays centre for the team, said: "I'm devastated. There's about eight of us who play on the team and also volunteer to keep the club going.

"We'd only just finished painting the lounge last week. It's almost like we tempted fate. I put in at least 20 hours a week into the club on top of my day job. It's a bit of a punch in the stomach."

Club members rushed to the premises at the height of the storm to salvage electrical items, bar stock and valuable paperwork and tried to secure the roof hoping the storm would pass.

At 4am this morning a club member discovered the roof had collapsed into the bar, causing water to cascade into the changing rooms.

The clubhouse's flat roof fell in

Mr Drummond said: "We've gone through a really dark stage from month-to-month but we had been getting a bit of upward momentum lately and we've been having one of our best seasons.

"We don't have insurance so it's only going to be repaired through manpower. A few of the guys at the club have estimated it will cost about £40,000 to repair - we're waiting for quotes."

Corby Rugby Club, which was founded in 1958, had their first ever fixture against a Northampton Saints side.

It is not only home to the rugby team but also to Corby Town Youth Football Club, Corby Raven Football Club and Corby O'Rahilly's Gaelic Football Club.

Rain water cascaded down through the building

The club is appealing to people, whether rugby fans or not, to rally to their support to restore the clubhouse.

Mr Drummond said: "Unfortunately last night's storm marked a low in our club's 62-year history and we are calling on the support of the Corby and rugby community, including anyone who has ever had the opportunity to be welcomed through our doors.

"The clubhouse has been a great servant to the community, hosting a plethora of rugby teams all across the country, as well as countless birthday, engagement, wedding and Christmas parties for the people of Corby.

"Even if you just contribute the price of one last beer, which is £3, it will go a long way to making a difference in the community."

The roof felt was peeled off the roof by the storm

Mr Drummond, who has set up a Crowdfunding page to support the club, said: "We need to raise money for the materials for repair, we are 15 fixtures into the 2019-20 season and we need to get the building back into a safe condition to finish the season strong, celebrating the great sport of Rugby with the true spirit of Corby."

To contribute to Corby Rugby Club's Crowdfunding page click here.

The roof felt ended up in the car park