Corby remains a concern for health chiefs as Covid case rates remain high

The town has been at the top of the league table for England all year

Friday, 14th May 2021, 4:36 pm

Corby residents have been warned to remain vigilant with public health officials urging people to use ‘caution’ and ‘common sense’ when further restrictions lift on Monday (May 17).

At a press conference this afternoon, it was revealed that Northamptonshire as a whole showed an increase due to higher numbers recorded in Corby, Kettering, South Northamptonshire and Northampton but Corby’s rate is currently the highest of the seven district and borough areas and has further increased in the last week.

There have been no recorded cases of the Indian variant in North Northamptonshire but there have been 13 in South Northamptonshire centred around the Towcester area.

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Corby test centre

Nisha Patel, Covid Intelligence Lead for Public Health Northamptonshire, said : "It's not quite in the top ten (in England) but it does remain very high a minute as we all recognise it's been fairly high compared with surrounding low tier local authority type areas.

"We should remain concerned. We've often being concerned about Corby because of high case rates in that area before, and struggling sometimes to see that then come down, however we're not currently the situation where we can see increasing trends and case rates in that area."

The case rate over the past 28 days per 100,000 population has risen to 295.9 in the Corby Village and Weldon area.

Joint Director of Public Health for North and West Northamptonshire Councils Lucy Wightman says: “Despite the excitement of easing of restrictions on Monday we need to be calm, cautious, show common sense and recognise that the virus is still circulating and posing a risk. If you are meeting friends and family from Monday, you can make a personal choice on whether to keep your distance from them, but you should still be vigilant.

Lucy Wightman

"We must all remember that close contact, including hugging, increases the risk of spreading COVID-19. There are actions you can take to reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 and help keep you and your loved ones safe.

"When people are outside and physically distanced from each other, the particles containing the virus that causes COVID-19 are blown away which makes it less likely that they will be breathed in by another person. If you do meet inside, make sure the space is well ventilated. Open windows and doors or take other action to let in plenty of fresh air. Bringing fresh air into a room and removing older stale air that may contain virus particles reduces the chance of spreading COVID-19. The more fresh air that is brought inside, the quicker any airborne virus will be removed from the room.

“Minimise how many people you’re in close contact with, and for how long. The more people you are in close contact with - particularly if they are from different households - the higher the chances of you catching or passing on COVID-19. Longer periods of close contact increase the risk of transmission and remember that even brief contact can spread COVID-19. There is no such thing as a fully safe period of close contact. Wash hands and clean surfaces regularly to remove virus particles.

“Last but by no means least, accept the vaccine when you are offered it and encourage others to as well. Vaccines reduce the chance of passing on the virus and of you developing serious illness yourself. Consider whether you and your loved ones are vaccinated and whether there has been time for the vaccine to take effect before being in close contact – and that a residual risk will always remain. Remember that some people are more vulnerable than others to being seriously ill from COVID-19.

Case rates in Corby Village and Weldon have remained high

“With the easing of restrictions, there will be a greater opportunity of spreading the virus if you do have it, so please ensure you’re not spreading it unwittingly - keep testing twice a week and don’t be complacent. Put everyone’s mind at rest and take that test.”

Community-based testing sites, as well as being a collection point for test kit orders, are at Lodge Park Sports Centre and Corby Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre open - for collection of test kits only.