Corby pupils say '20's plenty' near their school

“We hope that the posters will make grown-ups think about just how fast they’re driving”

By Stephanie Weaver
Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 1:16 pm

Youngsters are driving home the message that ‘20’s plenty’ on the roads near their school.

Pupils at Weldon CE Primary School, part of the Peterborough Diocese Educational Trust, have teamed up with Weldon Parish Council in a bid to slow the flow of traffic through the village.

As part of the council’s ‘20’s Plenty’ campaign, the school council organised a poster competition, with the two winning entries now turned into signs displayed around the village.

The winners of the poster competition

Juliet Regan, nine, and George Berry, seven, won the competition, which had more than 100 entries.

School council chairman Holly Baseley, 11, said: “When we heard about the 20’s Plenty campaign we wanted to get involved straight away.

"A lot of children walk to school on their own and it’s not safe if you have cars going too fast around the village.

"We hope that the posters will make grown-ups think about just how fast they’re driving and remind them to stick to 20mph.”

Weldon Primary School is backing the 20's Plenty campaign

Lesley Middleton, Weldon CE Primary’s head of school, said: “When I told the school council about the 20’s Plenty campaign it was clear that the children were very aware of just how fast some people drive around the village.

"It was their idea to organise the poster competition and it’s been a great experience for the children to work alongside Weldon Parish Council to try and make a real difference to the community in which they live, play and learn.”

Cllr Peter Dowsett, Weldon Parish Council’s lead on the 20’s Plenty campaign, said: “We’re delighted that the children at Weldon CE Primary were so willing to get on board with the 20’s Plenty initiative, and what amazing posters they’ve produced.

"As Weldon Parish grows, so the volumes of traffic increase too.

"We want to make sure the parish stays safe for residents of all ages, encouraging responsible driving at all times and in all places.

"We know that George and Juliet’s posters will help to reinforce the message that it’s not just Weldon Parish Council that supports 20’s Plenty but the wider community too, including our very youngest residents.”