Corby girl to cut off twenty inches of beautiful red hair to raise money in memory of her grandad

Little Felicity's going for the chop to raise cash for charity
Felicity has decided to chop off her magnificent hairFelicity has decided to chop off her magnificent hair
Felicity has decided to chop off her magnificent hair

A Corby nine-year-old is getting her incredible hair cut for the first time to raise money for Cancer Research UK in memory of her grandad.

Felicity Fitzjohn's hair is so beautiful that people stop her in the street to tell her mum how lovely it is - but now she's chopping it all off and will donate it to the Little Princess Trust which provides real-hair wigs to children who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

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She's also started a fundraising page and has already smashed her original target of £200, raising nearly £500 in just 24-hours.

Her mum and sister are also red-headsHer mum and sister are also red-heads
Her mum and sister are also red-heads

The Oakley Vale Primary School pupil has only ever had minimal trims before now but she will get most of her 50cm of mane cut by her granny, who is a former hairdresser.

Mum Lauren Fitzjohn said: "She's only ever had the tiniest of trims since she was very small and when we were talking about her getting it cut this time she said that maybe she could go a bit shorter.

"And I said that it wasn't worth just cutting a little bit off and we started looking at what we could do.

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"She said that maybe we could try and raise £100 but we set the target at £200 and it's just gone mad. People in Corby are always so generous but we can't believe how much she raised in the first 24-hours. Lots of strangers have donated. We're so grateful."

She's going to donate 50cm of her hair to the Little Princess TrustShe's going to donate 50cm of her hair to the Little Princess Trust
She's going to donate 50cm of her hair to the Little Princess Trust

Lauren's dad Eddie Keith died of bowel cancer seven years ago when Felicity was just three and Lauren was pregnant with her youngest daughter Poppy, but Felicity still remembers him well. The money raised will help fund Cancer Research find new ways to diagnose and treat the disease that still kills 43 people every day.

"Dad's still a part of our lives," said Lauren, who lives on the Oakley Vale estate with husband Craig and their two daughters. "We talk about him lots and as soon as Felicity heard how the Little Princess Trust works her mind was made up."

"Everyone knows her for her hair. Random strangers stop me to say how gorgeous it is. It's a really big thing for her.

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"I'm a red head and so is her little sister Poppy and I know it's such a big part of your identity so it's even more poignant that she can donate it to someone who's lost their own red hair because of cancer. Somebody who had long, red hair will have their hair back again.

"I'm going to be an emotional wreck because it's for my dad and he died seven years ago on Thursday, and my mum is going to be the one cutting her hair.

"I know that it will grow back and that she's going to be helping a child who's not in a position to be able to do this so I'm really proud of her."

Felicity said: "I feel very grateful for the donations that people have given. I am looking forward to the 'big cut' day and hope that I can make a big difference to someone who really wants their long, red hair back and lots of people through the Cancer Research UK charity."

Felicity will be getting her hair cut on July 17.