Corby asylum hotel plan DITCHED by Home Office

Corby Rockingham Forest Best Western HotelCorby Rockingham Forest Best Western Hotel
Corby Rockingham Forest Best Western Hotel
The plan had seen a furious local reaction

The Corby Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel will NOT become a asyulm accommodation, it has been revealed this afternoon (Wednesday, August 24).

The plan to close the much-loved hotel had been met with fury from people living in Corby after it was revealed by this newspaper on Monday morning.

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But this afternoon it has been confirmed that the plan will now not go ahead.

Local councillors who had raised concerns have been sent a briefing note by North Northamptonshire Council bosses telling them that the plan has been scrapped.

The hotel had been due to be run by the Government’s private contractor Serco, which already runs similar facilities around the country.

But members were sent a briefing note to tell them that the plan has been scrapped.

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The note reads: “Members and senior officers will be aware that the Government and its contractor Serco had begun preparations to stand up the Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel as an asylum contingency hotel.

"This morning (August 24) the Home Office has notified the Chief Executive that it has not been able to secure the hotel and will therefore not be using it to accommodate destitute asylum seekers as planned.

"The Home Office has not given any specific details that informed their decision.

"Although the Home Office has stated they have not been able to secure this hotel, North Northamptonshire like all local authority areas could see an alternative facility being stood up for the purposes of asylum contingency in the short-term.”

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Members have been told to promote ‘key messages’ that stress that the council is not expected to be involved in identifying or making the arrangements for accommodation, but would be expected to meet needs for asylum seekers outside of the asylum process.

It is not yet known what will happen to those functions that had already been cancelled by the hotel, but some reported being phoned this morning to re-schedule their events at the hotel.

It is thought – although unconfirmed – that the owner Ashley Hotels was unhappy with the plan.