Corby arm-wrestler takes maiden title

Gustave in battle with his opponent.
Gustave in battle with his opponent.

A young Corby arm-wrestler picked up a title in his first competition in the sport.

Gustave Smalley, 13, trained for three years in preparation for his debut near Manchester earlier this month.

Gustave with his trophy.

Gustave with his trophy.

The Corby Technical School student won the right arm final 3-0 but lost the left arm final 3-0 to the same opponent.

His dad Nick, a professional arm-wrestler who has competed in the World Arm-Wrestling League, said: "He trained really hard for it and deserved to win, his right arm is very strong.

"I am looking to retire from the sport soon so I hope he can take over from me."

Gustave, who trains at Slough Slammers in Berkshire, will now continue training as he bids to make his way up the rankings.

Nick added: "We are going to as possibly training for the British championships soon, which will involve more table work and training on his left arm.

"The aim is for Gustave to be the British champion for adults."

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