Community-spirited Higham Ferrers good neighbour ready to help in coronavirus crisis

Bryony Doughty's offer to help concerned residents in her community has snowballed into a town-wide help group

Friday, 13th March 2020, 7:31 pm

A kind-hearted Higham Ferrers woman, who wanted to help neighbours afraid of leaving their homes due to coronavirus fears, has been inundated with offers of assistance.

Bryony Doughty posted on Facebook that she would be happy to help people who were worried about leaving their homes and would run errands for people in her area.

Since her first message, which was 'liked' more than 360 times, she has had set up a separate group, Helping Out Higham and Rushden, that has already got 38 members.

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Bryony Doughty

She said: "The post has had an amazing response. There are such lovely people living here.

"Those people who are in the less at risk categories can help out those who need help. It's a worrying time and part of the problem is that it's unknown.

"We're not going to knocking on people's doors. We want to do everything in a safe way and not pass on any infections. We're following government advice.

"One idea is to link up with existing charities in the area to offer our services. I would love it if a lot more people joined the group especially someone like an infection control nurse."

Kind-hearted Bryony would like volunteers to join her group

Mrs Doughty's Helping Out Higham and Rushden group is appealing for any printers or local businesses, who would like to sponsor a print run of leaflets, to get in touch.

Posters would be placed in the windows of local shops and businesses to highlight the service to those without access to the internet.

The 37-year-old marketing manager, who works for charity Mercy Ships, would like to offer a shopping service, errand running and dog walking for people for worried neighbours.

She added: "Our main asks at the moment are for more volunteers, and for people who feel they need help to get in touch."

The poster Bryony has designed to send out to residents

If you would like to help or know someone who needs help please contact the group through their Helping Out Higham and Rushden Facebook group or email [email protected]