Barton Seagrave super slimmer's e-passport problem after incredible weight loss

She lost so much weight her e-passport became unusable

By Alison Bagley
Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 5:30 am

A Barton Seagrave woman's weight loss was so transformational that airport face recognition software failed to identify her new slimline features.

Mum-of-five Teresa Seaton lost the equivalent weight of another adult - 12st 10lbs - after changing her lifestyle with meals and exercise.

It took the accountant three years to hit her target weight and to celebrate her achievement she was treated to a city break by her husband - but her e-passport was tricked by her weight loss.

Teresa Seaton - before and after

She said: "We went away to Amsterdam for the weekend to celebrate my achievements. Leaving the UK was no problem, however coming back was a totally different matter.

"Going through customs the e-gates wouldn’t open to let me through no matter what I did. After a few minutes one of the customs officers came over and after looking at my passport said 'I'm sorry, this isn’t you, we can’t let you in'."

In disbelief she tried to explain what had happened. She had applied for her passport at her biggest weight, so her face looked very different.

She said: "In order for the gates to open I had to puff my face up as much as I could. People couldn't believe that I was the same person."

Slimline Teresa Seaton

Teresa, 49, joined Slimming World in Burton Latimer three years ago after realising that it was 'now or never' to turn her life around.

Having struggled with her weight since a teenager, she had tried every way to lose weight possible and her weight yo-yoed.

In 2016 she was involved in an accident which left her completely immobile for more than two-and-a-half years. During this time she ballooned from a size 16 to a size 28, and weighed in at almost 22st.

Teresa said: "Friendships gradually drifted apart as I felt unable to take part in things. I was hardly going out and feeling massively self conscious, always embarrassed of myself, and finding it changed how I thought and felt about things.

Teresa before

"The final straw came when it was suggested it would be good to invest in a mobility scooter. I felt so ashamed and refused. I struggled on in horrific pain. I felt I was losing that closeness with my children. I struggled to walk more than 100m without being in an enormous amount of pain."

One day excruciating back pain stopped her walking so she had to get downstairs by crawling, waiting in tears for her children to come home. Luckily a friend came to her rescue and called 999 but when the paramedics arrived they had to call out a second ambulance so four emergency service workers could lift her as she was too big.

She said: "It took four people to move me. I felt mortified. When discharged I spent time researching weight loss and was recommended Slimming World in Burton Latimer.

"September 1, 2018, was the start of the change. The consultant, and the group were so understanding and welcoming."

Teresa has started her own slimming group in Burton Latimer

Teresa lost 14lbs - a stone - in the first week and went on to shed a total of 12st 10lbs.

She said: "It's life changing. I couldn't walk, now I do marathons - 26 miles! We go to the gym. I love cooking now, my whole body has changed. Even my husband and my daughters are on Slimming World .

"It's changed my whole mindset. I saved my life, my marriage. My kids aren't embarrassed. My family is very, very proud of me."

Having just completed her first training at the Slimming World Academy, she is now shaping herself a new career by helping other people change their life and achieve their weight loss dreams.

Teresa will be taking over the Thursday evening Burton Latimer group at the Burton Band Club, on Thursday, March 3, at 4pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

She added: "I know what's it's like to go through obesity. I can understand every emotion. I can help people - I've been there."

For more information on how to join, call Teresa on 07447 918855 or pop along to the group on March 3.