Avoid home dramas with free fun sessions for pre-teens with Corby Core's Imagination Station

The online entertainment is for families who may be struggling for ideas during lockdown

By Alison Bagley
Friday, 5th February 2021, 12:47 pm

Familes struggling to keep their children entertained during the latest lockdown have been handed a free fun lifeline by Corby's Core Theatre.

The Core has launched The Imagination Station, a new online platform to keep families and their under 11s entertained with a new timetable of free fun activities.

The platform, hosted on Facebook and on their website, includes free weekly activity sessions alongside resources and theatre shows from around the UK for all the family to watch.

Fun sessions include free drama classes

Joe Flavin, The Core director, said: “We are painfully aware of the stresses and strains on both parents and teachers alike at the moment.

"We hope that having access to some fun, creative activity all in one place can help everyone who is experiencing the pressures of home-schooling to inject a burst of fun into the tedious school day and relieve some of that zoom fatigue that can creep in between maths and science.”

Through the Facebook group, The Core wants to engage parents in the area and get them sharing their tactics for homeschooling and entertainment, creating a much-needed community at a time of isolation.

The Imagination Station follows from The Core’s decision to make their weekly drama sessions for under 11s free until the end of term.

The Imagination Station is free

In the coming weeks, the platform will be regularly updated with fun ideas for things to do, alongside pre-recorded or live sessions, plus bite-size workshops from artists to break up the school day.

On Mondays is Mini Musical Movers with artist Sophia who will lead a session for babies and toddlers, to sing, move and play, from 10.30am to 11am for children up to five-years-old.

On Thursdays and Fridays, run in conjunction with Corby Library, sessions include Rhymetime and story telling. On Saturday is the free Sparks classes for five to eleven-year-olds - fun weekly drama sessions for two age groups.

Mr Flavin added: "We invite families and teaching staff to get involved in this new platform, offered completely free of charge, and would welcome feedback and suggestions of activities that people would like to see or take part in by emailing getinv[email protected]"

To join the Imagination Station Facebook group click here or head to The Core at Corby Cube’s website.