11 easy Halloween make-up ideas to try at home

The spooky season is now upon us, and while trick or treating plans may not go ahead quite like normal, there are still fun ways to celebrate Halloween at home

Tuesday, 27th October 2020, 1:52 pm
Will you be dressing up this year?

With strict lockdown restrictions in place across the UK, going door to door in search of sweets is not advised, nor is throwing a ghoulish-themed bash. But there’s nothing stopping you from bringing a bit of Halloween fun into your home and marking the occasion with your household. If you’re keen to get into the spirit and still plan to dress up this year, here are a few easy Halloween make-up ideas you can try at home.

Heavy black eye shadow, a sweep of red lipstick and green face paint will give the iconic look of The Mask. Complete your look with a yellow jacket, white shirt and tie, and a hat.
There have been several interpretations of the Joker over the years, so there’s a choice of which look to go for. The most recent depiction by Joaquin Phoenix requires white face paint (or pale foundation mixed with a bit of talcum powder), bright red lips, red eyebrows and a bit of blue eye shadow or face paint around the eyes.

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Channel your inner Angelina Jolie and opt for this simple look that just requires a strong contour to create those striking cheekbones, some red lipstick, and winged black eyeliner. Finish the look with Maleficent's iconic horns.
This spooky look can be created with black eyeliner, eyeshadow and foundation. Make your foundation pale by adding talc to it (or use white face paint, if you have it) then create the skull with heavy black eye shadow around the eyes and the tip of your nose. Add the intricate lines of the mouth using an eyeliner pencil.
Transform into the bubblegum-eating Violet Beauregarde from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by dusting purple eye shadow or face paint over your nose and slightly towards your cheeks. Add a cropped blonde wig, if you have one, and start chewing some gum.
Get into character as the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland by turning your face completely white with face paint, or pale foundation, red lipstick, and pale blue eyeshadow that reaches high up to your brows.
Create the zombie bride look with pale white or blue face paint (or foundation and eye shadow), and add dustings of black around the eyes for that deathly feel, complete with frosty blue or pink lipstick.
Simple and easy, this look only requires a dash of bright red lipstick and decorative green eyeshadow. For the finishing touches add a red wig and some leaves to your hair.
Get the look of Suicide Squad’s most popular character with some pigtails, messy blue and pink eye makeup, and red lipstick.
Braided pigtails, a pale foundation, black or purple eye shadow and black lipstick will give you the face of Wednesday Addams. Finish the look with a white collared black dress.
Morph into this classic Disney villain with a flash of purple eye shadow, bright red lipstick and heavy black eyeliner. Pull your hair back into a tight updo and add a crown for the final touches.