Thought for the week: Find time to be still and '˜know He is God' - by Bryn Joslin

'Be still and know that I am God' (Psalm 46:10). I think we would all like the opportunity to be a bit more still in our lives. Most of us aren't in a position where we're thinking 'I'd really like to be busier'. Even when we're not doing much are minds can often be busy. You'll get an opportunity to sit down for a bit, but you'll be worrying about what you're going to cook for tea. Do the kids have anything on this evening? When did I go to the dentist last? I've not called my parents in a while, I suppose I should do that.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 2:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2016, 4:12 pm

Try as we might, we so rarely get an opportunity to be still, to just do nothing. Not only that, I think most of us have lost the ability to do nothing. As much as we might like the idea of being still when it happens we find ways to avoid it. It may be mindless TV to help you wind down after a long day. Or the radio that plays to keep you company when the house is empty. We’re so unused to being still with our thoughts that we’re uncomfortable with having to face it.

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But being still can be a great opportunity to work through our thoughts and bring some calm to our lives. In the verse above God actually tells us to be still. The verse we have today was originally translated from Hebrew. The Hebrew word for ‘be still’ can also be translated as ‘go limp’. Think about when you’re stressed. It is often harder to let things go when you’re stressed. Maybe it’s something someone has said or done. We get so wound up around that thing that it becomes impossible to let it go.

Now think about going limp. If you’re holding something when you go limp, say a mug, you can’t physically keep hold of that mug. Going limp takes us from not being able to let go to not being able to hold on. Take some time this week to go limp. Don’t try and ‘hold it all together’. Don’t try and avoid any feelings or thoughts. Instead, just let it all go, let it all come in and take a moment to pray “God let me know you”. There is peace when you ‘be still and know that He is God’.