Opinion: Slashing county's pothole repair funding is ludicrous

Northants Telegraph comment

Sunday, 7th March 2021, 6:30 am

Potholes and poor road surfaces really are a pet hate of many people and regularly make the pages of this newspaper.

Not only can they cause expensive damage to vehicles, but they can also lead to accidents with a far greater cost to life.

So the announcement that Government funding to repair damaged roads in Northamptonshire has been slashed by a quarter for the coming year seems just ludicrous.

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There are fears this will mean councils ‘have no choice’ but to cancel planned road maintenance projects.

But with the amount of traffic on our roads nowadays, can we really afford to spend less on keeping the county’s roads to a decent standard?

The pandemic may well lead to changes in how this country operates, especially in terms of working from home and fewer people commuting, but many will still need their cars.

The road network needs to be up to scratch to keep people safe and surely this means more money is needed for its upkeep, rather than less.