Why it's important to get to know your local hospital trust governor

Kettering General HospitalKettering General Hospital
Kettering General Hospital
Lead governor and public governor for Kettering General Hospital Foundation Trust Prof Peter Woolliscroft writes

The hospital is going through very exciting times, being a university hospital, being part of a group with Northampton and taking a major role in a truly integrated care system with other local providers.

Previously we have talked about hospital governors and the recent recruitment campaign to increase the numbers sitting on the council of governors.

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Today I set out why it’s important to get to know your local governor.

The hospital is manged by executive officers trained in their profession, they together with non-executive officers sit on the hospital’s board of directors .

The non-executive officers’ role is to hold the executives to account for making the correct decisions.

In a foundation trust, public accountability is further achieved by members of the trust electing governors to represent their interests and hold the non-executive officers to account.

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Clearly the trust member is an important component in achieving public accountability.

Members, together with their governor representatives, are the critical link back to the local community and represent a conduit to the trust management to keep them in touch with the needs of the community and ensuring key messages are communicated both ways.

If you care about how your local hospital is run and feel you have a contribution to make then become a member of the trust, get to know your local governor, and open a dialogue - we will love to hear from you!

Visit our website and join the trust https://www.kgh.nhs.uk/become-a-member-of-kgh

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