READER'S LETTER: Boris is not fit for office

Voters are turning against the prime ministerVoters are turning against the prime minister
Voters are turning against the prime minister
A constituent of Peter Bone’s, the Conservative MP for Wellingborough, writes:

I would like it on record that in contrast to your assertion that no-one in your constituency is bothered at all by the disgraceful actions of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in first denying, and then backtracking and apologising for his conduct (Partygate), I am speechless.

I also request that you step back and consider how his actions have impacted on everyone who upheld the restrictions on mixing and partying set by his Government.

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He has shown by his conduct that he is not fit for public office as determined by the Nolan Principles.

He has not been honest and his integrity is in tatters.

It seems to be (and perhaps has always been for him) one rule for the general population and one for him and his cronies.

Marianne Price