MEET KGH's GOVERNORS: What does it take to be a governor?

What will be expected of you if you join the board?
What does it take to be a KGH governor?What does it take to be a KGH governor?
What does it take to be a KGH governor?

KGH lead governor Prof. Peter Woolliscroft gives us an insight into what it takes to be a governor.

He said: "In previous articles you will have read that Kettering General Hospital Foundation Trust (KGHFT) will be recruiting members to join the Council of Governors (COG), as part of this process you will read about the statutory duties of governors and other interesting information to help you decide to apply or not.

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"In this article I want to add some more practical information to help you.

"Firstly, it’s NOT like being a school governor; we don’t have a role in directly manging the hospital. We do however work closely with the Non-Executive directors who do enjoy this responsibility.

"You will need to have adequate time to devote to the role

"You will have to be tolerant when matters seem out of place

"You don’t need to have health experience by be prepared to read papers submitted by professional managers, some of which may be unfamiliar at first.

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"You will be offered, from time to time, an opportunity to be a Nominated governor observing committee meetings on behalf of the CoG

"You will be exacted to abide by the rules of confidentiality and commit to the group values

"You will be expected to bring your knowledge and experience to bear when required.

"It’s important you have confidence to speak up, there are no silly questions or comments!

"Finally a successful governor will enjoy the experience."

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