Letters: 'Shopping trip at Corby's Asda left me shocked'

Letters to the editor

By Robert Callachan
Sunday, 28th February 2021, 7:00 am
Updated Sunday, 28th February 2021, 7:12 pm
Asda in Corby.
Asda in Corby.

I felt compelled to write, as I am getting frustrated constantly hearing about Corby having one of the highest rates of Covid transmission in the UK.

Today I took a trip to Asda in Corby to pick up some shopping for my wife’s nana, as she is 85 and shielding.

Normally I do this in the evening, but decided today to take the trip about 1pm.

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I was shocked by the amount of customers in the store.

There was no way of adhering to any social distancing at all.

I found it highly amusing hearing over the tannoy the CEO of Asda was talking about how his stores are making customers wear face masks, and limiting the numbers in the stores to help support the fight against the virus.

It was like the last rush before Christmas. A bottleneck at the tills with people everywhere.

I wonder what their staff think about it all.

I leave the house twice a week for shopping and do my bit, as do my family and follow the rules and government guidelines. Clearly Asda puts its profits over safety.

You sometimes have to protect the people from themselves.

I appreciate it’s been freezing cold and to force customers to queue outside is not maybe a solution they want to restart, and put customers off.

But they need to come up with a better system as Asda is carrying on as they were before the pandemic and clearly benefiting from other retailers being closed.

Shame on you Asda.

Robert Callachan, by email