Letters: 'Northamptonshire's Covid vaccine appointment locations really are a lottery'

Letters to the editor

Sunday, 28th March 2021, 7:00 am
Northampton's vaccine hub.
Northampton's vaccine hub.

My wife’s phone has just pinged.

A text message from Weavers Medical Centre, asking her to book her Covid-19 vaccination at Weavers Medical Centre.

Whereas, I am still being asked to traipse over to Corby or Northampton.

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Except, in the case of Corby, I can’t book an appointment at the location, because you also have to book the second appointment at the same time!

But when you try to do so, you can’t, because they haven’t issued any slots beyond June 14th, which is the earliest I can get the second vaccination!

Whereas, when we booked my wife’s appointment at Weavers Medical Centre, you don’t need to book the second appointment, Weavers will contact you nearer the time!

I do wonder how two people from the same household, with just three months between them in age, can be asked to get their vaccinations at two totally different vaccination centres?

It really is a lottery as to where you are asked to go and get your vaccination!

Ivan Humphrey