Letters: 'New council needs to speed up'

Letters to the editor

Sunday, 23rd May 2021, 7:00 am

I have a bus pass, which expired on May 11 this year.

I sent a request to Kettering Borough Council via their website, asking for renewal.

I had heard nothing until this morning when the new North Northants authority had taken over.

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The answer I received was that they are still waiting for the correct programming for the new authority’s logos.

I am fortunate that I have the ability to be able to survive, however my son, who is disabled and has been waiting 10 months for a mobility vehicle after moving to this area, also applied for a pass some time ago.

He had no reply from KBC and, upon enquiring, they said they were sorry but were unable to issue one.

If he wishes to go out he relies on lifts or pays for each trip into town for the doctors, chemist, and relies on grocery deliveries once a week.

North Northants have had plenty of time to get organised and why could they not issue under the old authority’s banner, which was valid until the recent election.

Do they now have to issue new passes to all those whose KBC passes have not expired?

How many others who rely on public transport are in the same position and are similarly affected by the lack of organisation in our old and new local authorities?

Paul Gordon, via email